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Founded by Paul Sanders and Barry Creemers (who would have guessed), Sanders & Creemers was their way of taking years of experience working for an international recruitment organisation and combining it with their passion for setting up new, personal connections and setting a high standard for the delivery of work.

The niche focus the agency has on IT and Digital markets gives it an added edge and help ensure quick matches between candidate and client.

Paul Sanders

After finishing my MSc Business Administration in Utrecht I started my career as a freelancer within the event sector, which evolved into working for an international recruitment company. A few years later, I was still itching to start my own business. And in my then-colleague Barry, I found the perfect partner to do so.

We both value long-term relationships, transparency, and flexibility, so the match was made pretty quickly. Besides work, I like playing golf, watching a good football match or grabbing a beer with friends.

Barry Creemers

I was born and raised in Amsterdam, yet I still went off to study at the Hotel Management School in Maastricht. After obtaining my degree I started working at an international recruitment agency, and did so for 5.5 years before starting my own business together with Paul. One thing that we share is our love for personal, transparent, and long-lasting partnerships.

On a more private note, I love going out for dinner with family and friends. I also like to work out, watch football, or play a round of golf.

Niels Zuidinga

My name is Niels and I’m part of Sanders & Creemers. After studying at the Hotel Management School Maastricht, I moved to the most vibrant city in the Netherlands (Amsterdam) to start a beautiful career in recruitment.

What distinguishes me from others, is that I am loyal, have a great listening ear, and am always eager to help. Besides spending my days at the office, you can also find me at the gym, drinking some craft beers with my friends, or cooking in the kitchen (or letting someone else do it for me).

Luuk de Nijs

My name is Luuk, I’m 26 years old, and I joined Sanders & Creemers in May 2021. After finishing my studies at the Hotel Management School Maastricht, I wanted to travel to Asia. But unfortunately, this was not possible due to COVID-19. I took a gap year instead and joined Sanders & Creemers right after.

Me in a nutshell? I’m eager to learn, willing to help others, and always down for a chat. When I’m not at work, I love to hang out with friends and family. I also enjoy weekends out on the town, visiting festivals, and support my favourite football club.

Jason Howes

Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. I completed my honours in Marketing in 2018. I recently moved to The Netherlands in early 2023 to join Sanders & Creemers and I haven’t looked back.

At Sanders & Creemers I can use my experience to help both our clients and candidates find the right match, but also further develop the market and network within Sanders & Creemers. My key pillars to do so are honesty, long term relationships and straightforward communication.

On a personal note, when not in the office you can find me in the gym or on the football pitch

Thijs de Jong

After graduating from the Hotel Management School in Maastricht, it was time for me to start my next chapter in life. Leaving the calm and ‘Burgundian’ Maastricht, I was very excited to move to Amsterdam and start my career at Sanders & Creemers.

With my passion for hospitality, I am always trying to make others comfortable and make them feel welcome and respected. I highly value trustworthiness, which is always how I kickstart building any relationship. Besides work, I like to do sports, drink a beer with my friends, and spent time with family.

Maria Vittoria Bonato

Hi, it’s Maria Vittoria, the first girl to join the team. I completed my studies in Translation and Interpreting back in Italy, my home country, and moved to the Netherlands soon after my graduation, where I started working at Sanders & Creemers.

Organisation and reliability are at the core of my personality. I value hard work, but I also think it’s important to leave some room for a nice chat! I also enjoy reading, going out for drinks, and taking long walks in the park.

Elsa Maggiani

Hi, I’m Elsa. After finishing my Translation and Interpreting studies in Italy, I decided to move to the Netherlands, settling in Amsterdam. In August 2022, I joined Sanders & Creemers and started my career in the world of recruitment.

I am a hard worker, good listener, and I always try to bring my best. That does not mean that I am not up for a good laugh. Outside of work I enjoy a nice chat over drinks, and exploring new areas of Amsterdam.

Jari Gänshirt

My name is Jari. I was born and raised in Bali, Indonesia but graduated from Hotelschool The Hague. After my studies I found myself back home in Bali due to COVID-19. When the situation finally changed for the better, I moved back to Amsterdam and made the great decision to join Paul and Barry in recruitment.

At Sanders & Creemers I use the skills I learnt in the hospitality industry to consistently provide the best possible service to both clients and candidates. When I’m not busy at the office you can find me either at the gym, or at the local pub drinking a beer.

Tjeu Pijl

My name is Tjeu and I recently joined the team. Like many colleagues, I graduated from the Hotel Management School in Maastricht.

I find it essential that everyone is valued for themselves and feel that personal relationships are very important. These values are reflected in my work, which is why Sanders & Creemers was the perfect match. Outside of work I also value personal relationships, hence why you can always call me to have a beer or a bite to eat.

Yara de Geer

My name is Yara, a graduate of hotel management from the Hotel School Maastricht. After my graduation internship in Amsterdam, I started travelling around Southeast Asia. Sadly, this amazing trip has come to an end and it’s time for me to move on to a new challenge. I’m completely ready for my new adventure and look forward to kick-starting my career at Sanders & Creemers.

Who am I? With a lifelong passion for hospitality, I’m always eager to lend a helping hand. That’s why I find it so important that everyone gets the best out of themselves and feels at ease. Positive, loyal, enthusiastic, and hardworking are qualities that describe me well. But hard work isn’t everything; I also enjoy having drinks and dinner with friends, attending fun sports classes and being with my family.

Wouter Morsink

Hi there, Wouter it is! After studying and living in Groningen and Deventer for roughly the past 20 years, I have taken the step to come to Amsterdam. This is when I joined the young and energetic team at Sanders & Creemers to start my professional career.

In this work, I think it’s important to be open to learn, listen to others and respect each other to build long lasting relationships. Through approaching recruitment with these values, I am striving to be succesful and help others. Other than that, I love to be with friends, have drinks and explore the world around me. Occassionally you can find me on the football pitch as well.

Merijn Buijs

Born and raised in Zaandam I did my studies in ICT. Afterwards I pursued a career in sales. I quickly found out that my passion is connection with people. After gaining my first experiences in Sales I joined an international recruitment agency. After 2 years in the Life Science sector I decided I am up for a change and joined Sanders & Creemers to work within the IT & Digital sectors. 

On a personal note I am a huge scuba diving fan and I also like to explore new places (above ánd under water) and meeting new people.

Tommie Tervoort

My name is Tommie and I joined Sanders & Creemers at the start of 2024. After obtaining my Bachelor’s degree in Tilburg, I decided that I wanted to study abroad. Last year I was living, studying and enjoying the sun in Barcelona, but all things must come to an end. But every end has a new beginning, and for me that new beginning is the kickstart of my career at Sanders & Creemers!

For me, working and connecting with new people is essential. Building strong relationships with people around me and being able to help each other out is what drives me on a daily basis. Outside of work you will always be able to find me at the pub, a good restaurant or any sports pitch.

Tibor Rademakers

After completing my Bachelor’s degree with a study period in Barcelona, it was time for a new step. I joined Sanders & Creemers early 2024 and this marked my start within the world of recruitment. I knew I had always drawn strength from building strong relationships in private, but certainly also in business. Respect, honesty and transparency are, in my eyes, the pillars for strong relationships.

Outside work, I also value strong relationships and enjoy eating and drinking with friends, spending time with my family, playing a game of padel or tennis, and going to concerts and festivals.

Ruben Hazeleger

Originating from the coastal city of Haarlem, I set out to explore new horizons, attracted by the Burgundian lifestyle in the sunny regions of the Netherlands. My educational ambitions led me to the Hotel School of Maastricht, where I immersed myself in hospitality and mastered the art of attentive listening and providing service.

Now, armed with valuable experiences and insights, I am ready to kickstart my career at Sanders & Creemers. After of work you can find me outside, enjoying nature while running or on the terrace enjoying a beer.

Gijs van Dooren

Born in Brabant, I moved on to beautiful Maastricht. Places where for me the sense of sociability, transparency and burgundy are central.

After a number of fun and instructive years at the Hoge Hotelschool in Maastricht, it was time for me to start a career in Amsterdam. This is how I ended up in a warm bath at Sanders & Creemers, with a young and enthusiastic team. My work allows me to fulfill my interest in helping people. With a background in hotel management, you get to experience what it’s like to put a smile on someone’s face. This is a driving force that energizes me every day.

Besides work, I love being involved in sports, with always a new running race on the schedule. You can also find me along and on the hockey fields, for the combination of sports and being together with friends.

Olivia Salicath

I’m a Norwegian/German born and mostly raised in Norway, but after finishing my Masters here in Amsterdam I wasn’t quite ready to leave this city, and as a result I found recruitment. I value the personal connections this profession allows you to build and the contribution I can make to both someone’s team as well as an individual’s career. After 1.5 years of working for a large international recruitment organisation I decided that I wanted to be part of a company that aligned more with my own ambitions and I’m excited to continue connecting people in the IT industry and be a transparent recruitment partner here at Sanders & Creemers.

On a personal note I am all about embracing the adventures life throws at you – whether that is diving into a new book, exploring a city or trying a new hobby.

Iulia Bocse

Born in Romania I have come to The Netherlands to study International Business Media and Entertainment Management. During my last year of University I have started my career in IT Recruitment and after graduation I have decided to to fully dedicate my efforts to enable talented specialist pursue great careers at the best companies.

After 2 years in the Business I have now embarked on a new journey focused on developing client based relationships and long lasting collaborations.

On a personal note I have a background in acting and professional swimming and I have always been passionated about meeting new people and learn about new ways and different cultures.

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